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Peaceful with Magnificent views

Home of the Nan Hai Pu Tuo Buddhist Temple

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The big, prominent hills of Sellicks Hill Range roll down towards Gulf St Vincent and the broad sandy beaches run north towards Adelaide. Sellicks Beach is one of the few beaches where parking is allowed on the sand and it’s as popular with families for its safe swimming as it is with surf fishermen.

There are good boat launching facilities and excellent windsurfing when off-shore winds prevail. For a bite to eat, the historic Victory Hotel has commanding views over the area and has been delighting travellers for years.

As you are driving down Sellicks Hill, it is very hard not to notice this huge Buddha statue which stands amidst Nan Hai Phu Tao temple. Only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere, this statue sits majestically along the southern coastlines. If you are looking for peace of mind and somewhere to go on a Sunday afternoon, this is the place to visit.  Every Sunday, the temple holds chants from 11 am till noon, followed by vegetarian lunch.

What’s in the neighbourhood?