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Quiet and peaceful

Myponga is a settlement in South Australia.  Head to Myponga via Carrickalinga and enjoy views of the coast from the hilltop lookouts – some of the best in South Australia. At the 2016 census, the locality had a population of 744 of which 393 lived in its town centre.

The Myponga Reservoir is located about 60 km south of Adelaide near the town of Myponga. The reservoir is fed by the Myponga River and other rivers in the Myponga catchment.

Myponga Beach occupies a small valley that has been carved by Myponga Creek and is now partially filled with river and marine sediments forming a flat plain occupied by a few houses and an elongated lagoon and wetland that flows across the southern end of the beach. Houses and shacks line the rear of the beach; so much so a seawall has been built to protect some of the properties. Fifty-metre high grassy bluffs border each end of the beach, with rocks and reefs extending seaward. It is moderately steep and fronted by a narrow continuous bar, with waves averaging about 0.5 metres.

The beach was used as a port and the ruins of the old jetty are still present. Swimming is relatively safe in the sandy central portion of the beach and it is a popular spot for both launching boats and for shore-based fishing off the adjacent rock reefs.

What’s in the neighbourhood?